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Pick Up A Victorinox Swiss Army Knife from White Mountain Knives

Few knives are as iconic, long-standing, and downright useful as a Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. There simply is no replacement for the years of service that a model like this will supply the bearer. A knife alone is the single most irreplaceable piece of equipment that a person can own, but when you pair it with features that are frequently found in Swiss Army knives like screwdrivers, saw blades, scissors, and tweezers, it becomes elevated to an entirely new level. There are many reasons you might want to add a Victorinox Swiss Army knife to your pocket, each as valid as the last, and just as many reasons that you’ll be glad you did.



Perhaps the most classic and ubiquitous of all models is the tiny-in-size but by no means tiny-in-use Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife. The familiar lozenge shaped tool packs a knife, nail file, scissors, tweezers and toothpick into one impossibly convenient tool. For decades, this basic model has prevented minor inconveniences from becoming major, serving as an opener of packages, remover of splinters, and vanquisher of envelopes.


Larger and with more tools packed into an equally impossibly small design is the Victorinox Camper Swiss Army Knife. This model packs two knives, a saw blade, a bottle opener, a can opener, a reamer, two screwdrivers, a wire stripper, a corkscrew, tweezers, and a toothpick all into one. With all that at your disposal, there are few tasks you might fear to undertake - but only a few. Boy scouts, campers, fishermen and other outdoorsmen alike have carried and leaned on this model for generations, and all for the simple truth that it can dispatch just about any obstacle with more or less efficiency. There are few tools if any that you can add to your pack for the weight of 2.6 ounces and get so much from them.


Then there are models like the Victorinox Swiss Army Tool XC Multitool. This model is less traditional in style and appeal as the former entries and represents a mild divergence from their design, but all with service and utility in mind. With too many tools packed in one device to list comfortably, this unit is the beginning and end of usefulness. It includes 36 functions that include but do not limit themselves to pliers, a wire cutter, two saws, multiple screwdriver bits, a corkscrew, a file, and a chisel. Little can be done to improve on this design - all the bases are covered, and besides, there wouldn’t be any room left.


So whether your tastes align with the traditional Victorinox Swiss Army Knife designs or the newfangled ones, at White Mountain Knives you’re sure to find the pocket knives you need most. You’ll find the greatest selection and prices from White Mountain Knives and what’s better is that all shipments in the United States are free. So head to www.whitemountainknives.com today and pick up your favorite and a spare.

Find Zero Tolerance Blades and More at White Mountain Knives

If you are a person who has ever held or used a knife, whether you are in law enforcement, military, or are an outdoorsman, there are a few names that come to mind when you think of no-nonsense, hard use, and reliability. For knives that stand up to abuse, day in and day out, without flagging, while maintaining ergonomy, a sharp edge, and a strong spine calling for application, one can hardly help but think of Zero Tolerance blades.



Originally designed to see combat, Zero Tolerance has been making blades for law enforcement, first responders, and other tacticians for over a decade. Though relatively new to a scene that has seen names that have lasted for generations, Zero Tolerance has built itself up to quite a reputation in that time. Now, it’s impossible to hear of tactical equipment without the name present. Moreover, if you need a knife whose grit will be tested regularly and can handle a wide variety of applications without fail, Zero Tolerance blades are set and sure to please.


For general use from cutting through old lines to splitting and splicing the ends of skewers and everything in between, a knife like the Zero Tolerance Assisted Opening Knife with a Green Handle and Plain Edge is a hit. Ported easily and even more easily deployed due to its assist mechanism, this knife is lightning quick and rock solid. Just over 3 inches of blade meet the perfect middle ground between heavy camp chores and fine work, and a blade profile that could rightly be called a cross between a drop point and a sheepsfoot blade gives unbelievable strength to the tip for chores like carving and detailing. When the job is done, its sturdy liner lock mechanism allows for an easy one-handed return to the pocket or sheath.


A similar but distinct knife is the Zero Tolerance 0920 with a titanium handle. Unparalleled for weight and strength, this knife is nearly indestructible for a folder and offers strength found nowhere else while remaining light in the pocket and the hand. Its smooth ball bearing system allows the knife to be flipped open in a flash for speed and readiness. At just under 4 inches, this blade is also straddled between light and heavy use and performs with ease, while its framelock enables it to be easily retracted.


Zero Tolerance blades also include models such as the 0220, 0450 and 0452, with similarly practical features such as one-handed opening and closing capabilities and deep pocket carry. Some models feature handles or scales of titanium or carbon fiber for differing degrees of weight, strength, and flexibility. You’ll also need to find a venue - and that’s easy because at White Mountain Knives you’ll find all these models and more, ripe for the picking, at excellent prices and free of shipping in North America. That makes it as easy to see why White Mountain Knives is an excellent choice for Zero Tolerance. So when you’ve settled on a model, or a few, head to WhiteMountainKnives.com for a blade of your own.

Get You Swiss Army Knife Tools from White Mountain Knives

Swiss Army Knives have been staples of the toolbox and the back pocket for generations. This should come as no surprise, as many Swiss Army knife tools carry more than 30 tools in a small package, and in the hands of a skilled user, each of these multi tools serves much more than one function. Given the quality of construction of a good Swiss Army knife, the high viability and utility of their components, the easy portage and the wide range of uses, Swiss Army Knives have become nearly ubiquitous amongst those who seek quality multitools for construction, crafting or as a general desk tool.



There are models as basic as the Victorinox Swiss Army Lite, which carries a pen blade, a file, a mini screwdriver, scissors, and tweezers. If these inclusions were not enough to tackle most mundane daily tasks, this unit also features a mini LED light and can easily be carried on a key ring or in a pocket. This small model is one of the most easily recognized and universal of all Swiss Army knife tools and one of the simplest, though that simplicity does not minimize its usefulness.


On the other end of the spectrum, there are models like the Victorinox Swiss Champ, which carries an unbelievable number of tools for many tasks. The Swiss Champ sports an innumerable number of tools from small blades to small screwdriver to files to hook disgorgers. It carries a pen, tweezers, pliers with wire cutters and several sawblades. Whether you are trimming greenery, stripping wires, fishing, or any of many tasks beyond count, this Swiss Army knife tool is of great use.


Alongside these classic styles, there are other models of no less utility such as the Victorinox Swisstool. Much in the style of a leatherman multitool, this model emphasizes the pliers and wire cutters and seamlessly incorporates saws, nail files, and screwdrivers. It even boasts a bit wrench with several bits and wire strippers, benders and cutters. There are models in the middle ground such as the Swiss Army Red Climber, just shy of 4 inches closed and carrying two blades, bottle and can openers, scissors, a hook, a corkscrew, and an awl. Taking a slight departure from the classic lozenge design are models such as the Hunter, Ranger, and Wine Master.


So once you’ve settled on the right Swiss Army pocket knife tools to complete your kit, the only logical solution is to head to WhiteMountainKnives.com and check out their selection. White Mountain Knives has one of the most impressive and incomparable selections in the business and access to even more models than disclosed due to vast vendor networks.


Not only does White Mountain Knives keep an excellent stock at excellent prices but orders within the United States ship free. It’s a small wonder, if any, that White Mountain Knives is such a key player and for good reason. Once you see the selection they have to offer, they will be at the top of your repertoire. Head to WhiteMountainKnives.com today and make your choices, they’ll serve you well.

White Mountain Knives Sells Zero Tolerance Blades Online

An old-line manufacturer making knives for over 100 years has a new line of products that is winning all kinds of awards. The knives are manufactured under the name Zero Tolerance Blades or ZT Blades and they are sweeping the market with their innovative designs and solid-built construction. Amazing looks combined with tough, long-lasting construction makes these knives superior to many that have been on the market for decades. These knives are built for professionals in the military, law enforcement, first responders, and anyone else who desires a knife that will perform perfectly use after use and year after year.


For the Sophisticated Knife Owner
Zero Tolerance Blades are designed, engineered, and constructed from the finest materials by craftsmen who understand the meaning of “zero tolerance.” In an engineering environment, “Zero Tolerance” means no room for errors. It is the epitome of engineering, and when it comes to knives, it is the epitome of what ZT Blades manufactures. As a high-quality, high-value knife, collectors know how much it means to have products from this brand in their collections. The beauty of the designs and the craftsmanship of the products are second to none.



Quality Above All Else
When a relative newcomer to the knife manufacturing industry starts winning awards right off the bat, everyone takes notice, and they should. For ZT Blades,being the new guy on the block has received a lot of attention by winning the following awards:


• 2006 Most Innovative American Design of the Year - BLADE Magazine
• 2007 Tactical Response Magazine Award
• 2008 Tactical Response Magazine Award
• 2011 Overall Knife of the Year - BLADE Show
• 2012 Knife of the Year - BLADE Show
• 2012 Collaboration of the Year - BLADE Show
• 2013 Overall Knife of the Year - BLADE Show


A Wide Variety of Knife Styles
When customers go to WhiteMountainKnives.com and take a look at all the products manufactured by Zero Tolerance Blades, they are surprised to find such a wide range of choices. As knife blade experts, ZT Blades has assembled an impressive group of knives with equally impressive construction methods and materials. There are too many variables to quote but some of the highlights are:


• Titanium Handles
• S110V Stainless Steel Blades
• 14C28N Stainless Steel Blades
• Maxamet Steel Blades
• KVT Ball Bearings
• Carbon Fiber Handle Inlays


Made in the USA Means A Lot
All ZT Blades are manufactured in the United States. The knives are built in Tualatin, Oregon and marketed all over the world by specialty knife sellers who meet their rigid requirements to sell their products. Because the knives are designed, engineered, and constructed in the USA, the company knows there can be no mistakes or issues with using the knives. Each knife carries a Lifetime Warranty and the company is happy to help knife owners with repairs and refurbishing of their knives.


White Mountain Knives is the Number One Resource for Knives Online
Purchasing a ZT Blades knife from White Mountain Knives is as easy as 1-2-3 when customers go to their website. The variety and choices of options are amazing. If there are any questions or if customers just need more information, they can contact White Mountain Knives through their website or they can send an email to whitemountainknives@gmail.com.


A Winning Combination
White Mountain Knives is proud to offer knives from ZT Bladesbut they also have other items in stock for the knife aficionado including knife sheaths, camping accessories, clothing, and other products of interest to collectors. The company offers free shipping on all orders so, putting it all together, White Mountain Knives is your best resource for high-quality knives.

Find The Right Zero Tolerance Pocket Knife at White Mountain Knives

Those of us who rely on our everyday carry pocket knives for everything from prying open packages to punching new makeshift holes in our belts understand just how heavily we can lean on our tools. That’s not even to mention that a knife is, without compare, the most versatile and indispensable tool that the collective mind of man has yet spawned in all this time. Then again, it’s hard to improve upon perfection, or so they say, and a quality EDC pocket knife does so many things so well it may well deserve this title.


There are many legendary names in the field, and those in law enforcement or military have likely heard of Zero Tolerance, though outdoorsmen and others who work with their hands have likely come across it for its reputation. Originally intended for use as combat knives, Zero Tolerance quickly gained a name for itself through its rock solid, indestructible, comfortably carried and quickly drawn or deployed blades. Some of the best EDC pocket knives are named Zero Tolerance, and for that reason, anyone who needs a new companion knife should seriously consider a Zero Tolerance pocket knife.



There are many winners among their titles, but some of the best are no trouble at all to find, especially if you want a light, rugged knife that carries easily on the belt or in a pocket and can be flipped open or closed at a breath. Options like the Zero Tolerance Sinkevich KVT flipper with a carbon fiber handle. Anyone who has handled carbon fiber knows that the material possesses nearly unbelievable strength for its equally disbelievable light weight and has a peculiar tackiness that dispels slipping, typically even in adverse conditions such as rain. Its 3 and a quarter inch blade is the perfect middle ground between heavy and light duty and the slightly swept belly of the blade excels at slicing and cutting tasks where other blades might hang up.


Another quality Zero Tolerance pocket knife is the Zero Tolerance Hinderer Slicer framelock with a titanium handle. With a slightly longer and stouter blade, this knife could do well with tasks demanding prying and batoning or perhaps maul assisted carving. Regardless, it possesses the proper matching of length, sturdiness, and edge geometry to tackle a wide array of chores. Those attributes pair well with its light, nearly indestructible titanium handle and indomitable framelock to bring a knife to that table that will not flag.


Naturally and unequivocally, then, a Zero Tolerance pocket knife is a good fit for EDC. You’ll need a place to locate one, and that place is White Mountain Knives. With its unrivaled selection, market expertise, and free shipping on orders in the United States, it seems like a no brainer to buy from White Mountain Knives. Spoiler - it is. Even if you find something you don’t see listed, White Mountain Knives maintains a massive profile of vendor relationships so they can bring options to the table that are otherwise difficult to find. Everyone can use a new or a backup EDC pocket knife, so why wait? Head to WhiteMountainKnives.com and stock up, today!

Find The Best Quality Pocket Knife at White Mountain Knives

Sifting through lists, advertisements, and postings looking for the best quality pocket knife can be a trying task. Especially today, in the era of custom builds and manufacturers giving consumers their preference of color, shape, size, and weight, it can be more difficult than ever to find quality, even when so many reputable reviewers are posting. Even so, the need for a quality knife has in no way diminished given the fact that a good knife is an asset everyone from outdoorsmen to chefs need.


Though the attributes that knives possess has transformed revolutionarily, the traits that make a knife a quality tool have in no way digressed from their origins thousands of years ago. When you’re in the market for the best quality pocket knife, there are a few considerations to make to ensure that you’re getting a deal and an investment.



Among the choices of pocket knives to claim the title of quality is the Gerber Moment Pocket Folder. Demure in appearance but figurative and literal iron in performance and dependability, this knife packs ergonomics and durability into a compact and determined frame. The 4-inch blade’s 5Cr15MoV takes and holds a razor edge commendably, and the steel frame is molded over with rubber for grip and added durability. Complete with a lanyard hole for added functionality, this knife is one that is built to last and will.


Benchmade is another knifemaker that many critics hold as even more premium than a legend like Gerber. In their repertoire and rightly esteeming its quality, the Benchmade Presidio II Axis Lock is one of the most rugged and dependable pocket knives available. With a pocket clip and a thumb stud, so the knife is easy to carry and open when you need it, the knife is not only rock solid but conveniently designed as well. Its sturdy drop point is the perfect balance of precision and toughness, able to perform delicate tasks but strong enough to stand up to abuse that clip points sometimes cannot tolerate.


One of the most highly regarded knifemakers today is Esee, and it would be remiss of a critic not to include a sample of their work in the search for the best quality pocket knife. Widely acclaimed for steel quality and solid construction, Esee’s knives are hard to beat. The Esee Zancudo Framelock is a prime example of the fruits of their labor. Its D2 tool steel blade is about as tough as they come and tempered perfectly, able to hold an edge and well equipped to deliver under pressure. Its steel handle completes the picture of indestructibility and testifies to Esee’s reputation.


When you’ve found your pocket knife, the place to go is White Mountain Knives. Proud purveyors of the finest blades on the market, White Mountain Knives’ excellent vendor relationships enable them to provide customers access to one of the widest inventories around. Moreover, orders in North America ship free, so there’s nothing not to love. When you’ve settled on your choice, head to WhiteMountainKnives.com.

Find the Best Pocket Knife at White Mountain Knives

A pocket knife is an indispensable tool. Cornering every daily task with authority, a pocket knife opens envelopes, makes short work of snack preparation, and opens packages with ease and efficiency. If you don’t have a designated everyday-carry pocket knife, carry one for one day and you’ll more or less be in disbelief that you ever managed a day without one. Remove it after one day and you’ll be reaching for a phantom blade every time you come across an obstacle.


That being the case, there are some pocket knives that will reliably outperform others, whether the performance is in quality of components, ergonomics, or durability. Many models come to mind, but there are certainly a few that rise to the top as star performers. When you’re looking for the best pocket knife, any one of these choices won’t disappoint.



If you’re looking for a multiple blade, traditionally-styled pocket knife, it’s hard to beat the stock from Case, either in quality or aesthetics. A model like the Case Mini Trapper is about as handsome and functional as penknives come. With real jigged bone scales and attractive nickel bolsters, it’s as much a joy to admire as to use. Also in traditional style, it boasts a spey blade and clip point, each blade suited separately. The slip joints make easy work of light work, and a pocket knife of this nature excels.


For different form and even more functionality, a locking pocket knife will be able to tackle tougher tasks and hold up to more abuse. A lockback, like the Buck 112 Slim Ranger Pro with a three-inch blade and a thumb stud for easy deployment, can handle the jobs of some sturdier fixed knives. Though the micarta scales may not dazzle the senses, they certainly will not flag under duress.


For even more durability and perhaps the ultimate choice in ruggedness and design, the Cold Steel 4Max Folder combines several elements together into a no-frills knife intended to last. Featuring a clip for easy belt or pocket carry, a thumb stud for rapid deployment, a beefy clip point, and rugged aluminum liner, this knife can take a beating and come out on top. What it lacks in Case’s aesthetics, it makes up for with the intense toughness of its lock and frame. In many ways, folders like this in design have started to supplant larger fixed blades.


Once your mind is made over the best pocket knife for your everyday carry, you’ll have to decide where to buy it. Luckily, deciding on where to get your blades is much easier than deciding on the blade itself. For price and selection, White Mountain Knives is the premier choice to source your high quality blades.


Not only does White Mountain Knives have an expansive inventory, but they also have access to even more stock than listed due to their vendor relationships. That, and the fact that orders in North America ship free make the choice an obvious one. Go to WhiteMountainKnives.com today to get your next EDC blade.

Buy a Kershaw Hunting Knife Online from White Mountain Knives and Save

A hunting knife is a special breed of knife. A Kershaw hunting knife is a most special breed of knife because of how it’s designed and built. It is an unusual knife because its blade is made to be easily replaced and not sharpened.


The Kershaw Hunting Knife Has The Most Advanced Design
Outdoor enthusiasts and hunters know a knife is not just a knife; it is a task-driven piece of equipment that can mean the difference between life and death. A hunting knife is a knife with a special pedigree. It is intended to be used to skin an animal in the most efficient manner. There’s only one problem that hunters using hunting knives have always had; they had to stop to sharpen their skinning knife over and over again. That’s where Kershaw figured out the best design for a hunting knife.



Why Sharpen a Blade When it Can Be Easily and Cheaply Replaced?
Hunters need knives with razor-sharp edges. In fact, they need knives with edges as sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel. The problem is how to keep a knife’s cutting edge as sharp as it needs to be when it is working in an environment that dulls a blade unbelievably fast. Kershaw solved that problem by introducing a hunting knife with a removable blade that is as sharp as a scalpel. Sharpening blades takes a lot of time but replacing a blade takes only a few seconds.


A New Twist on an Age-Old Design
Cavemen used Flint or Obsidian knives to carve up saber-toothed tigers and wooly mammoths because the edge stays sharp longer and they could get more done. That basic design hasn’t really changed much in about 50,000 years until Kershaw came up with the removable blade design for their hunting knife. When the caveman’s knife became dull, he had to chip off some of the blade’s edge before he could keep going. Not any more.


Made for Tough Jobs
When a hunter makes a kill, he needs to process the meat and hide from the animal as quickly as possible. Stopping to sharpen a knife a few times doesn’t help with the time equation. The Kershaw hunting knife is designed and built like no other hunting knife. The knife’s specifications are:


• Blade Length - 2.8 inches (7.1 cm)
• Handle Length - 4.4 inches (11.2 cm)
• Overall Length - 7.2 inches (18.3 cm)
• Weight - 1.4 oz. (39.7 gm.)
• Blades included with knife - 15
• Accessories - “Buddy” handle


Removable blades make the skinning and scraping process much easier, faster, and more productive.


Learn More About the Kershaw Knife
Customers who would like to know more about Kershaw knives can go to WhiteMountainKnives.com where they can see for themselves why this is such a revolutionary product. Customers with any questions or needing further information can go to the website and submit an inquiry or they can send an email to whitemountainknives@gmail.com.

What to Consider When Looking for the Best Gerber Knife

For more than 70 years Gerber has been making high-quality knives that are beloved by users all around the world. Whether out in the wilderness or doing work around the house, a Gerber knife can be trusted to help you get the job done. They have an impressive selection of top-of-the-line blades that are perfect for any use and come in a variety of designs. When doing your own search for the best Gerber knife for you and your needs, there are few benefits that come from owning your own Gerber knife to keep in mind.



Affordable Cost
Gerber has always been well-known for their friendly prices that have helped to make them so popular with both knife experts and novices alike. In fact, Gerber built their brand on the fact that their knives came with a price tag too good to turn down. Even as they grew into a powerhouse player in the folding knife industry and added better products to their catalog, they always held onto their roots and the affordable prices that helped make them so popular.


Perfect for Any Task
Gerber knives are known as reliable tools that professionals and hobbyists can each turn to with confidence in most situations. If you are a hunter or in the military, they make tactical blades you trust with your life. Or maybe you are in need of something smaller and less intimidating – Gerber makes pocket knives that are tiny enough to fit comfortably in your pocket while still packing enough punch to get the job done. Whatever your knife demands are, it is a safe bet that the best Gerber knife for any situation will be the best use of your hard-earned money.


Made with Durability in Mind
Another key piece to Gerber’s long history of success is their commitment to making durable knives. Using only high-quality material to make their products, Gerber has always held onto their commitment to great craftsmanship that you won’t find with every brand. Every kind of Gerber knife – fixed, folding, pocket, etc. – has the chance to become the only knife you will need to buy for a very long time.


Now that you have a better understanding of what you can get from buying a Gerber knife, the next challenge is finding a trustworthy seller to order from. Online is the most convenient place to shop, with great online retailers like White Mountain Knives ready to help you find the best Gerber knife for you. Their one-stop shopping experience allows you to compare between different Gerber knives to make sure you find the right one for you while also providing reviews from like-minded shoppers.


White Mountain Knives is a great place to start your search for the best Gerber knife in your preferred price range. You can visit them online at WhiteMountainKnives.com to view their impressive inventory of Gerber knives and other gear, which come in a wide variety of sizes and designs. Get your new Gerber knife from their site now to enjoy free shipping anywhere in the U.S.

Get a New Small Gerber Knife from White Mountain Knives

Shopping for and ultimately selecting a new knife as your constant companion can be a daunting task, not only for greenhorns but for seasoned outdoorsmen alike. Being your lifeline in the woods, it’s understandable that your knife be able to tackle to the widest possible array of tasks, while sacrificing the fewest number of desirable traits. Your blade must be honed, sturdy, and ergonomic in order to provide you with the greatest utility. When you’re shopping for a new blade either as a supplement or for light use, such as a small Gerber knife, White Mountain Knives has the selection and the availability to bring you what you need.



Unbelievable Selection and High Availability


Because there is so much you can ask of a knife, at White Mountain Knives, quality and selection rule the business. When you’re shopping for a small Gerber knife, you’ll be faced with an encyclopedia of choices, and of course, with Gerber’s storied history of dependability, quality is implicit. For those looking for a small and affordable fixed blade, something like Gerber’s Moment with a black rubber handle is hard to beat for simple dependability. Coming in at just under 9 inches overall with a 3 inch change blade, this full tanged model packs the unbeatable integrity of a fixed blade into a size more commonly encountered in folders for maximum leverage.


For a small folder with classic lines and the integrity of a lockback, Gerber offers the LST with a glass filled nylon handle. With a 2.63 inch blade, 3.61 inches of closed length, and 420HC stainless steel for ease of care, this is the perfect little knife for everyday chores or as a supplement to a larger fixed companion blade. For a folder that is a little heftier, and boasting an ambidextrous thumb stud for one handed deployment, Gerber’s pocket square is the perfect little folder where near indestructibility is desired. It offers a machined aluminum handle for jobs where abuse is imperative. Bringing compactness to an art form, Gerber also offers the GDC Money Clip knife, marrying the sturdiness of a fixed blade to the coyness of a folder. Bringing 1.7 inches of blade to the table, the knife also has an integral grip ring, a knurled choil and serrated jimping to ensure effective grip and ergonomics when you put your blade to the test.


Old School Dependability


It’s hard to imagine a knife reseller as dependable as the timeless stock it carries, especially when that stock is Gerber, Buck, and Case. However, with White Mountain Knives you get just that. Their inventory is individually selected on merit and what’s even better is that U.S. orders ship free. White Mountain Knives also maintains a portfolio of other vendors, so on the chance that you’re looking for something that you just can’t seem to find, reaching out to White Mountain Knives may well just be the easy solution you need. When the time comes to invest in a new small Gerber knife, head to WhiteMountainKnives.com.

Pick Up A New Cold Steel Tanto Knife from White Mountain Knives

Choosing the right knife for any job can be and often is the difference between the pleasures of a task done well and the frustration of trying to force a square peg into a round hole. Outdoorsmen depend on the quality, function, and reliability of their knives not only as a companion in the woods or on the water but for survival as well. That’s why, when choosing a blade for a job, it is crucial to consider quality materials and rugged workmanship. When you’re looking for a knife that will help you clean game and create or repair campcraft while at the same time maintaining practicality for tactical purposes, one of the best choices you can make is a Cold Steel Tanto Knife.



Unparalleled Versatility and Function
Originating in Japan and carried by warriors under the feuding shoguns before the imperial period, the Tanto was a sidearm and constant companion of soldiers of the day. Featuring a straight or, more typically, slightly swept blade with a single edge and what is called a Tanto style point (which means that the belly of the blade forms an angle instead of a sweep as it transitions to meet the point), the Tanto is a blade that is practical not only for bushcraft and survival but also for tactical uses. It is a style that is not only popular but dependable, as proper tempering and the geometry of the blade towards the edge guarantee structural integrity that is often lacking in other styles of blades. A Cold Steel Tanto Knife is a sure bet for quality steel and flawless workmanship while offering multiple choices once you’ve made the decision that a Tanto is for you. From the traditional lines of the Kobun Boot knife, which boasts an AUS 8A stainless blade and a nearly indestructible Kraton handle to the trench tactics inspired Chaos Tanto, sporting an SK5 tool steel blade and a solid aluminum hilt with a D-guard and protruding pommel, there is a Tanto style blade for everyone – perhaps more than one!


White Mountain Knives – Great Prices, Even Better Service
Carrying an encyclopedic inventory of knives for every purpose from filleting to caping, White Mountain Knives is your go-to for expert blade advice and outfitting. Looking through the expansive list of White Mountain Knives' offerings, it is almost impossible not to find a blade that seems custom tailored to your everyday carry needs. Featuring slightly modern Tanto blades with Kraton grips, modern folding Tanto blades, and trench-inspired Tantos, there is nothing to be missed. That’s not all, however, because White Mountain Knives carries a blade for every need, from the most respected bladesmiths in the world. When you have a question about what steel, blade, or style will be the perfect match for your adventures, White Mountain Knives is a call or a message away. What’s even better is that their excellent vendor relationships mean that when you know what blade you need before you shop, you can reach out to White Mountain Knives to secure it for you. When a new blade makes the cut for you, head to WhiteMountainKnives.com!

Find the Best Cold Steel Knife at White Mountain Knives

Outdoorsmen know that picking the best knife for a job requires thought and attention to the task at hand. Though certain jobs require a very specific blade with carefully selected attributes, much of the time a blade should be as multifunctional as possible, incorporating as many ergonomic and practical features as possible while sacrificing a minimum to the specificity of design that would pigeonhole it to a particular task. Similarly, there are a handful of smiths whose longevity and repute are the marks of their character and quality. One of these is Cold Steel, which has for nearly half a century been supplying outdoorsmen and tacticians alike with the knives to meet their needs. It can seem an insurmountable task to select ‘the’ best Cold Steel knife, but for a given job or class, Cold Steel is sure to please.



A Full Line of Blades Guaranteed Against Defect
Cold Steel is the storied manufacturer of a full line of knives, ranging from thumbstudded tactical folders with an eye on concealment to push daggers to subhilt-sporting fighting knives. Whether your passion is martial arts, hunting, camping, hiking, fishing, or even whittling, the best Cold Steel knife is waiting for you to discover and put to trial. For those interested in martial arts or defense, there are options such as Cold Steel’s OSI fixed blade with a black Kraton hilt and an integral subhilt for unrivaled blade control and quick retraction. Supporting its 8 ¼ inch AUS 8A blade, this knife is an excellent training tool.


If campcraft is more attuned to your interests, something like their Bowie Bushman is sure to please. Combining an SK-5 blade with a thick spine and a hollow handle with a sheath bearing a ferrocerium rod, this knife has practically limited out on the number of utile features that a blade can possibly incorporate. Not only is it a camp knife, but it can also be used to strike a fire or outfit onto a pole as a spear for use as a hunting implement.


For a no-frills all business hunting knife or for everyday carry, you might choose SRK fixed knife that is as much at home carving fuzz sticks as it would be cleaning a rabbit; or in a pinch, taking the filets off of perch. With an SK-5 blade and an extremely durable Kray-ex handle, this blade is nearly impossible to best for ruggedness. Topping off the package is Cold Steel’s guarantee. Cold Steel warranties its knives against defects in workmanship, so the very second your knife is delivered, you can rest easy that it is ready to get to work.


White Mountain Knives – Excellent Selection and Free Shipping
When you’re looking for the best Cold Steel knife, your vendor is White Mountain Knives. White Mountain Knives has the best selection of blades around for an impassable number of uses from everyday carry to campcraft. White Mountain Knives ships free in the USA and maintains excellent vendor relationships, so on the off chance you’re looking for something hard to find, reach out to White Mountain to have it sourced. Check out their dazzling display of inventory today at WhiteMountainKnives.com.

Good Pocket Knife Brands at White Mountain Knives

Any serious outdoorsman will tell you, “take care of your knife and it will take care of you.” It is an adage not without serious meaning and consequence that demands the provision of a dependable blade. When you depend on your knife for work or survival, you will see how critical it was that you were a wise shopper and knife owner, not only giving your knife the adequate care it needed to stay functional but also making the investment in the right knife in the first place. With so many options and styles to choose from, it can be intimidating to find a pocket knife that suits your style and appeal as well as function. Once you’ve narrowed down your search options from tactical, skinning, diving, or kitchen knives to pocket knives, you still have to decide on a combination of aesthetics, function, and purpose before making a purchase. Regardless, when you are looking for good pocket knife brands, go to White Mountain Knives and you will be in good hands. White Mountain Knives is the best partner to find you the right blade for everyday carry that will satisfy your need to slice apples, gut panfish, or punch a new hole in your belt, all while complimenting your tastes.



Excellent Quality and Durability
White Mountain Knives offers a wide supply of good pocket knife brands from the best in the industry and is sure to have what you need to tackle everyday obstacles that will be no match for a good pocket knife. White Mountain Knives carries pocket knives from legends such as Buck, Case, and Gerber, whose reputation as impassably rugged blades will precede them into every conversation they enter. White Mountain also is your go-to for reputable brands such as Cold Steel, Spyderco, CRKT, SOG, Kershaw and ESEE that, while younger, are gaining widespread repute for changing the knife game and offering blades that are hardened to retain their edges longer while still maintaining a temper that enables them to excel under stress and hard use. Many of these knives such as Case and Buck come guaranteed against defect for life, and not only with the background and history of success that ensures you will be receiving the highest quality blades available. With a wide selection from all of these brands, it simply wouldn’t be enough to enumerate them as good brands, because they are simply the greatest brands available to the market outside of the rare custom purveyance of a blacksmith’s inventory.


White Mountain Knives – Commitment to the Customer
When you shop at White Mountain Knives, you can be sure that you will be perusing the best stock on the market at amazing prices. In addition, as expansive and inclusive as their stock is, if you were to find other good pocket knife brands that you did not see listed at White Mountain Knives, their team is ready to help you find what you need. Head to WhiteMountainKnives.com, today, to see the best in stock and add a new piece to your collection!

Buck Up and Check Out the Buck Survival Knife

For outdoors people, like those of us at White Mountain Knives, the term buck brings two pictures to mind. The first is a deer with a huge rack and a penchant for standing still. The second is the Buck survival knife. Buck is a name that’s been around for more than 100 years. Our parents and grandparents grew up with Buck, and there’s a great chance our children and grandchildren will too. But, what makes Buck the cream of the crop?



Buck survival knives come from a company established in 1902. They use a unique heat treatment to ensure the blade stays sharp longer and is easier to sharpen when the time comes. They only use stainless steel, and each design is engineered to perform for a lifetime, as supported by Buck Knives’ Forever Warranty. If that’s not enough, the company still uses the art of craftsmanship – something rarely found today.


The Ever-Changing Selection of Survival Knives
You have thousands of survival knives to choose from. Some are basic, just a folding knife with a strong, sharp edge. Others are nothing less than a fantastic feat of survival engineering. If you’re looking for a Buck survival knife, you have a couple of options. The first is the folding or non-folding Selkirk. This is likely the model you’ve seen your granddad pull out of his pocket from time to time.


The second option is the Kinetic series, which qualify more as spears than knives. This line includes a hunting spear, gig spear, and fishing spear. Buck spears don’t come with handles. Each is designed to be mounted on a wooden pole and secured in place with lashing. The spears aren’t your everyday survival tools, but for those who spend more time outdoors than indoors, these are a refreshing addition to your supplies.


What are You Getting with the Buck Survival Knife?
There are four versions of the survival knife from Buck – Small Folding Selkirk, Folding Selkirk, 853 Small Selkirk, and fixed-blade Selkirk. All four have drop point blades forged from 420HC Steel hardened to Rockwell Rc 58. The Small Folding Selkirk comes with a pocket clip, and the three remaining designs are carried in a sheath that comes with the knife. Blades are mounted to a black/brown Micarta handle contoured to fit comfortably in your hand.


The 853 Small Selkirk and fixed-blade Selkirk are designed with steel bolsters on the Micarta handle. The rear bolster, at the end of the handle, can be used as a hammer in survival situations. The blades run from 0.125 inches to 0.135 inches and weigh from 4.5 ounces for the Small Folding Selkirk to 7.6 ounces for the fixed-blade Selkirk.


At White Mountain Knives, we sell only the best quality knives and survival equipment in the business. How can we claim that? Because we only stock the brands you trust who’ve proven that quality – names like Buck, CRKT, Leatherman, and Kershaw. We also offer the best prices out there with our price matching policy. Take a minute to browse the website at WhiteMountainKnives.com or give one of our survival experts a call at 603-866-4752. We’re here to help you with all your outdoor and survival needs.